Eastern Highlands/ Simbu Mission Hosts Third Regional PNGUM Health Summit

17 Aug 2019 Jermaine Thomas

By: Adrian Ales

Eastern Highlands/Simbu Mission hosted the third Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) Health Summit in Goroka, over the weekend (15th-17th August).

Delegates from the Sepik Mission, Madang/Manus Mission, Morobe Mission, Western Highlands and the host Mission, Eastern Highlands/Simbu Mission all attended the PNGUM health summit at the Phoenix Hotel in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province.

Also attending the summit are the South Pacific Division (SPD) delegates, Dr. Leigh Rice, former PNGUM President, Dr. John Skrzypaszek, Director of the Ellen G. White/Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre, Avondale University, DR. Chester Kuma, Health Director for the SPD and Mr. Gad Koito, PNGUM Health Director.

The summit not only empowers the health professionals in their ministries but also gives them new concepts and ideas in approaching new souls in their ministries. "We are so privileged that the Lord brings souls to our workplace unlike pastors, we go looking for souls," said Dr. Leigh Rice as he introduces the discovery Bible reading to at the summit.

The summit commences on the 15th and will end on Sunday the 17th August.

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Morobe Mission launched Evangelism Initiative

19 Jul 2019 Jermaine Thomas

By Adrian Ales


Morobe Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches launched the Evangelism initiative at the Sir Ignatius Kilage indoor stadium in Lae over the weekend on Saturday.

The Evangelism initiative launched is to help equip and prepare lay preachers, leaders and pastors for evangelism work. According to Morobe Missions (MM) Personal Ministry and Sabbath School (PMSS) director, Pastor Enosh Enopa, the initiative also introduces its new approach in Evangelism, the Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria 24/7 Ministry as post and pre-evangelism. Applying biblical commands of Jesus in Acts 1:8.

The Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria 24/7 Ministry concept is the evangelical approach the mission will now focus on. Simply starting with Families, from inside out. Evangelism at the immediate family member level (Jerusalem), evangelism at the extended family members level (Judea) and evangelism at public level (Samaria).

“With the initiative being launched, the local mission is now aiming to baptize 10 000 new members in addition to its existing 20 000 members in May 2020, from 200 evangelistic sites.” Said Pr. Enopa, “In addition, we will try our best to create 5000 small groups from the existing 300 Sabbath schools by June 2020, and to re-disciple church members to disciple new members as they come in.” he added.

Morobe Mission also for the first time had 130 active laity and missionaries attend its first ever School of Evangelism on the 7th to 12th of July, where Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) President, Pastor Kepsie Elodo prayed over and charged them at the stadium. These 130 will be the ones to go out to prepare and organize the 200 evangelical sites for June 2020.

Seven new pastors also made a highlight at the launching on their ordination. All of which have been serving more than 5 years in the ministry.

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Taking the gospel to a new platform

24 Oct 2018 Jermaine Thomas

Morobe Mission has taken a new step into live video streaming last week when when it successfully streamed a week of evangelistic meeting at Bubirumpun. 

The project was part of the communication department's new breakthrough to help place the gospel and the truth in a new and also the latest platform of communication.

It was a big breakthrough for the Morobe Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to venture into live video streaming.

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