Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Morobe Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



During the recent quinquennium, the Papua New Guinea Union Mission Executive Committee has appointed Pr. Blasius Managos as President for Morobe Mission. His appointment has replaced the late Pr. Pomaleu who passed away on the 4th of July, 2016.

 Pr. Blasius Managos - President

Morobe Mission has completed its discipleship plan for this quinquennium. It is in alignment with the General Conference threefold theme (REACH UP, REACH ACROSS, REACH OUT),  the South Pacific Division Strategic priorities (Disciple Making, Comprehensive Health Ministry, Comprehensive Media Ministry, Mission to Cities), PNG SDA Church Corporate  (2013 -2016) & Strategic Action Plan (2014 -2020). As an overarching plan to implement global and PNG SDA Church Plans, the executive committee has adopted a theme for this quinquennium (2016 -2020).  The theme is “Mission Beyond, Build, Connect, Share, Expand, On Call 27/7”

MISSION BEYOND - The phrase “Mission Be yond” captures the Mission’s aspirations to expand the borders of God’s kingdom beyond its traditional borders to new territories in all corners of the mission field in the nine (9) provincial electorates with 28 LLGs and in selected locations in 465 wards and 20 52 census units.

BUILD - This is the call for the church to unite its effort to firmly ground  the children, youths and adults’ faith and practice solidly upon the bible ,complimented by the Spirit of Prophecy, connect their lives to God through the avenue of prayer , and orientate them fully on the “28 fundamental beliefs  and values of the church.

CONNECT - This is an effort to enable the children, youths and adults to reach out of their comfort zones within their homes, schools and churches to touch the lives of those who are in need in the community, holistic needs, (physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

SHARE– This a call for the involvement of  children, youths and adults  to share the love of Jesus with those they have befriended in the community through various faith sharing activities in line their gifts.  This initiative does lead up to baptism

EXPANDThis a call for the church to preserve those who are baptized into the church by assimilating  and integrating them   into the fellowship of the church, training  them to become disciples, and deploying  them to  reach out and produce other disciples for Jesus. This is where discipleship multiplication takes place resulting in membership growth and expansion of the territories of God’s kingdom to NEW territories in the mission field



It is an anticipated that the sum of all that we do in the church in terms of total membership involvement in making disciples will bear the following results in our churches, districts and local mission as a whole.

1. Spectator to Participator – It is anticipated that members will shift away from a spectator’s mentality to that of a “participative” role.
 2. Numerical Growth – The entire membership is aware of the core mission of the remnant church and committed to its course in leading others to the water of baptism 
 3. Re-claiming Backsliders – Members will have an intentional commitment to reclaim former members who have gone astray back to the church’s fellowship

4. Geographical Growth - Members will have an intentional commitment to expanding the borders of God’s kingdom through church planting initiatives as well as establishment of other need based “centers of influence”
 5. Reach Out to Expatriates - Members will have an intentional commitment to establish connections with expatriates and share the love of God with them.
 6. Tithes – Members will faithfully return their tithes to God far beyond what they have done before in proportion to their spiritual maturity in their discipleship journey

7. Offerings - Members will liberally give their offerings in proportion to what God has blessed them with to support the work of God
8. Cash and Kind– Members will increase their support for major project in cash and kind
 9. Specialized Support  – Members will increasingly give their specialize skills to support the mission of the church %
 10. Time – Members will increase their support in having time off from their regular work time to support the work of God when the need arises for it %

The mission theme MISSION BEYOND, Build, Connect, Share, Expand- On Call 24/7” ought to mold and give shape to all ministry programs and activities to be undertaken by the mission this quinquennium, both at the local mission, district and the local church.