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Posted on Mar 19 2019

Buimo Road Adventist youths with some of their invited friends posing for a photo after the Sabbath fellowship.

By Adrian Ales

Youths fed more than 200 homeless people of Eriku as part of the Global Youth day observations on the Sabbath.

Adventist youths from Buimo Road Adventist church help fed more than 200 homeless people of Eriku on Saturday as part of the global youth day observation. Most of the homeless were children, especially boys from the ages of 7 to 15.

The day started with Sabbath fellowship where everyone took part in enjoying the program under the global theme “adoption”. A hearty meal was served for the invitees by the youths after the fellowship.

Among them was ten-year-old Jorden, who sobbed bitterly during the main service when the unconditional love of God was preached. Jorden who is of mixed parentage, (Morobe and Eastern Highlands) was abandoned by his uncle when he was a little boy, as his parents died. He grew up fending for himself in the streets of Eriku. His experiences were shared when Benitha Thomas, (a mother) who openly took him and asked him to be a part of her small family.

Also attending the program are the disables.

The program was conducted at the Morobe Special Education and Resource Centre, the home and learning place of the disabled. Follow-up programs are in place and will be carried out regularly by the youths.