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Children Ministry Department Focuses on Kid in Discipleship

Posted on Feb 05 2019

Children leading out the Main Service on the Sabbath at Wankun Adventist Church.

By Adrian Ales

Young children are seen taking up pulpit stands around Morobe Mission, as seen here today in Wankun church, are all part of the global theme “KID”.

Children’s Ministry department director from Morobe Mission, Minister Nancy Enopa, yesterday said in an interview yesterday that the Kids in Discipleship (KID), is now the main focus of the department and churches everywhere in the mission are actively involved in.

“What really caught my attention is what children from this church has done,” said Min. Nancy Enopa, “Some of them went over their boundaries and did things no kids of their age can do.” She added.

“When you give the best in the upbringing of a child, the return on investment will be the best”, said pastor Enopa, Personal Ministry and Sabbath School Director. Who also attended the program.

Children’s Ministry department from Wankun church yesterday handed their departmental report to Min. Nancy Enopa yesterday at Wankun Adventist Church.