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Morobe Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


Elders and Deacons Ordained

Posted on Sep 19 2018

By Adrian Ales

Morobe Station Adventist church family witnessed the ordination of the church's Senior Elder and Head Deacon after 26 years.

Lae district led pastors and ministers attending an evengelistic crusade at Morobe Station ordained a senior elder and a head deacon at the Sinugu shelter on Sabbath (15th September) after 26 years. Senior elder Paul Maina and head deacon, Dipare Zamunu were ordained by Pastors Charles Paul (Lae District Director) and Peter Buckly (salamua area pastor).

The church started its journey in 1992, also facing bitter challenges, the church strived at a slow pace until today. "All thanks be to God," said Elder Paul Maina, "It has been our dream for a church of our own, here at Morobe Station for 26 years." He added. A piece of land at Morobe Station in now being cleared at the moment by church members from Bibihil, Zamara and Maiama who were attending the evengelistic crusade hosted by Pastor Charles Paul.

(Pictures: 1. Deacon and Elder ordinained by pastors Charles Paul and Peter Buckly)

(2. Church members clearing a piece of land for the new proposed church building.)