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Month of evangelism launched in Morobe Mission with Glow Tracts

Posted on Aug 29 2018

Morobe Mission has launched it's month of evangelism with the distribution of Glow Tracts.

Glow tract, a series of bible study literature pamphlet for mass distirbution in evangelism has been distributed to the local missions from the Papua New Guinea Union Mission to support them with their work of evangelism. It is a new approach now that the mission is looking into to distribute literature materials for evangelism purpose.

Attending the gathering are churches around Lae district and district directors of neighboring districts of Wau, Bulolo, Marham 1 and 2 district. Reports were also presented as of how the work of evangelsim over the past year was going on at the respective districts.

"We are so excited about this new approach and we also would like to thank the Morobe Mission for this wonderful support," stated the district director of Bulolo Pastor Bessie Nikaravu.

Concluding the program, glow tracts were prayed over by the pastors and distributed to the district direcotrs of the respective districts.