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300 people learn how to read Bible in Tok pisin

Posted on Aug 01 2018

By EREBIRI ZURENUOC - The National Newspaper

MORE than 300 people are now able to read their Tok pisin Bibles – thanks to a literacy programme conducted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

The three month-long training benefitted those who had left school at a very young age. They came from Lae, Huon Gulf, Nawaeb and Bulolo. National literacy coordinator Bernard Paru said the programme was funded by Australian Aid through its church partnership programme. 

“ADRA being the non-government organisation arm of Seventh-day Adevntist Church is looking at providing services to communities and to address issues such as illiteracy,” he said.

“The literacy programme was under the women ministries of the SDA church and started in 1995. It was later taken on board by ADRA. “In 2015, we developed a curriculum for Tok pisin. The four subjects are Christian Education (Bible Study), language (Tok pisin), numeracy, and social inclusion (HIV, gender-based violence, family planning and other issues facing communities),” he said.

Literacy coordinator for Morobe Miti Baro said 20 teachers took part in the training of trainers in February. “All of them are volunteers from their Seventh-day Adventist church and communities. Paru and I taught them how to use the curriculum materials. After they were trained, they went to their churches and taught communities there. Baro said the participants were from different age groups and from all walks of life. “We have participants from other churches as well. The youngest was 15 years and the eldest 70. Age does not matter as long as they learn how to read their Bible,” she said.