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Busanim Creek Adventist Church Dedicated

Posted on Jul 12 2018

MM President, Pastor Blasius Managos making the keynote speech.

By Adrian Ales

Church members of Busanim Creek Adventist church witnessed the unveiling of the plaque
and signboard of their newly dedicated church by MM President and Secretary during the

Morobe Mission (MM) President, Pastor Blasius Managos and MM Secretary, Pastor Kua
Nugai, unveiled a plaque and a newly erected church signboard as the second part of the
church dedication over the weekend.

“Surely the world was made by God,” said MM President, Pr. Blasius Managos in his keynote
speech before unveiling the plaque. “Just like this plaque, the Sabbath was the mark that
shows God’s authority over this world,” he added.

The church dedication service was held on the Sabbath including the baptism of 14 new
members. The unveiling of the plaque and the signboard was on the following day with
people coming from all over Lae District.

It was 20 years since the first lamb shelter was built in 1998 by the pioneer members and
only a few months after it was organized on the 8th of September 2017.
The program not only attracts the Adventists, but the community as a whole.

Pastors Kua Nugai and Micah Akui during the baptism on the Sabbath.

MM Presdient, Pastor Blasius Managos (right) & MM Secretary Pastor Kua Nugai unveiling the plaque.

The new Busanim Creek Adventist Church signboard.

The unveiled plaque of Busanim Creek Adventist Church.