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Miracle Water Supply

Posted on Jun 28 2018

Completing a water supply project in three (3) days that covers more than three (3) kilometres is a miracle in Markham District at Onga Waffa LLG, Papua New Guinea.

The actual construction of the water supply dam began on the 13th of June with more than six (6) thousand members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Morobe Mission who were at the camp. They carried more than five (5) cubic meters of sand, gravel and stones physically in their hands, waste plastics, bags and containers passing on to another person like a conveyor belt or machine that carries sand from the source to the project site.

ADRA PNG designer Mr. Julius Kasovi was there supervising the dam construction while the other group started building the furrow tank at Zinginbuaruf village under the supervision of Baren of Sambio and Eddie of Sawdust Church.
The next day, 14th of June the work on the drainage continued for another kilometre to Singas village with laying of the poly pipe and covering the surface to smooth off the drain while the furrow tank and the dam were left to dry for the whole day.

Resting and Working as conveyor belts passing on sand and gravel
Some people were very desperate to have water flowing before the end of the week and add a very good positive pressure to the project coordinators. As a result, before the sunset on the 15th of June the church members with the communities had water flowing out from their taps as they turned on their taps at 4:00 pm and they shouted with joy for what has been achieved.
Morobe Mission for the first time experienced this miracle with the limited resources that it had in addition to the contribution of the church members to complete this project.
This Miracle is a surprise for some critics that a water supply cannot be completed in a week. God intervenes when human efforts are fully exhausted and put into action.
Our Guest speaker Pr. Malachi Yani who spoke on the theme ‘The KINGDOM CONNECTION Process’ every evening from 10th – 16th of June was very happy to participate in this project. In his concluding speech he appreciated Morobe Mission for the initiative of connecting church members with the Lutheran communities and participating together.
It is creating history and leaving behind a legacy for the current and future generations of Onga Waffa LLG.
A very special thank you to all that participated in this miracle water supply project from the Chairperson of Mission 18 Onga Waffa Pr. Enosh Enopa. To God be the glory for bringing water to the six Lutheran dominated villages that have no Adventist presence apart from Awan village.
Mission 18 is a build up from Mission 17 and is a shift from the traditional way of camping and has raised the level of ministry for our churches to be the sermon practically with less preaching. It is heart to heart ministry that is more contextualized following Jesus method.