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Morobe Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


Candles Lit in Menyamya

Posted on Feb 27 2018

By Adrian Ales

Pathfinders in Menyamya station came together on the Sabbath lighting their candles to mark and start a new year of pathfindering.
Pathfinders and Adventurers from Menyamya and Manewi churches in the Anga District of Morobe Mission, came together on the Sabbath (23rd Feb), conducting a combined Induction ceremony for the pathfinders. The Menyamya church started their Pathfinder Club in 2016, and this year will be their third year.
Pathfinder Director for the Menyamya church, Mr. David Timothy, said that the Camporee held at Bautama in the Central Papuan Conference, has a great impact on the children who attended it, both physically and spiritually. He also added that number of children registering in the club is increasing.
The Youth club for the church was also ignited in the ceremony after some years.