Markham 2 District Donates to CIS Buimo

Posted on Nov 29 2017

A cell rep receiving books from the visiting Adventists.

truckload of garden produce and boxes of books were donated to the Buimo Correctional Institute Services (CIS) yesterday.

Eight organized churches in the Markham two District of Morobe Mission, came together on the 26th of November, donating locally grown food crops and books (Bibles, study guides, pamphlets, spiritual books and etc..) to the inmates of Buimo CIS.

Headed by the District Director, Pastor Ray Rada, the program included a short devotion. “God has a future for us”, said Pr. Ray Rada, “All we have to do is turn towards him,” he continued.

Cooked food were also served to the 107 inmates (91 males & 16 females) including the guards as part of their Total Membership Involvement (TMI) program.

Thirty-one inmates were also baptized on the Sabbath, 25th of November 2017, at the CIS Seventh-day Adventist church. Officiating Pastors include, Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) Youth Director, Pr. Lonol Winnie, Morobe Mission Secretary, Pr. Kua Nugai and Morobe Mission Stewardship Director, Pr. Kennedy Wai.