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Morobe Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


Reaching the Northern Front

Posted on Nov 01 2017

Aromot is a small company church of the newly organised church of Yangla in Siassi. It is located in the heavily populated island of Aromot in the northern front of Morobe Mission.

The island is almost less than a hundred meters in diameter with a population of almost a thousand people. Houses crammed the small island with no space for gardening or other recreational purposes, land shortage is always the major issue on the island.

Food, water, firewood and other basic supplies are always gathered on the mainland to support their living on the island, often they trade or sell fish for money or other basic needs. 

The church was started in the early year 2000 by Daniel Mari, who was also the land owner of the island. At first, it was disputed by the island community’s church council, but despite the warning from the council, Daniel continued on with his newly found faith. He was eventually beaten up very badly by the other church leaders so he brought the matter to the law. Gracefully the court was in his favour to allow him the freedom of worship upon the island with his adventist faith.

Today, the small adventist church is one of the fast growing churches on the island of Aromot in Siassi. With a  total membership of about 12 baptised members, and an average interest attendance of 18 to 25 people every sabbaths, the church is slowly spreading the light on Aromot.