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Lae district held treasurers training

Posted on Oct 21 2017

Lae distric
t held treasurers training at Lae International Hotel on the 17th to the 20th of October, 2017 to help its churches on their reporting and book keeping.

The training was part of the district’s plan to help its churches to keep up with their reporting to support the mission to get conference status. Reporting has been a real problem in the Morobe Mission lately due to late report submission into the mission’s treasury department. Lae district has come up with this training to help its treasurers to seriously look into the issue, identify the problem and suggest ways of solving this issue.

Facilitating the program is elder Kenneth Kavon who has a good background in finance and auditing. He helped the treasurers to get a deeper understanding of what reporting and book keeping is. Also present in the training are the church pastors, elders, and also the local mission.

In the closing remarks, Lae district director Minister Charles Paul said, “with this training, the district has now identified the problems related to their reporting issues and will work closely with the local mission to get their reports and books in order.”