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Churches help the needy

Posted on Jul 25 2017

Three Adventist churches in Lae District gave out donations to the needy in Boundary Road on Sunday 9th July, 2017.

Church members from Buimo Road, Correctional Services and Boundary Road Adventist Churches came together and gave out donations to the people in Sialum Coumpound of Boundary Road on Sunday 9th of July, 2017.

 “The Total Member Involvement (TMI) program carried out today, is a preparation program for the upcoming evangelistic crusade which will be hosted in the month of August, at the Y2K field,” said Limson Obe, Head Deacon of the Boundary Road Adventist Church. “It is also made up of two separate programs, Bucket ministry and Feeding the hungry,” he added.

Donations in the form of toiletries, clothes, utensils and food items were given out to families and individuals. According to Min. Kinney Gurub, church pastor for the Correctional Services Adventist Church, about a hundred and forty plus families and individuals received donations, with cooked food given out in lunch packs.