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Church Faces Threats from Flood

Posted on Jul 06 2017

Ragizumang Adventist Church in the Markham 2 District of Morobe Mission constantly faces threats whenever it rains heavily.

Flood waters of the nearby Bintia river continuously floods the church, sometimes forcing the church members to observeSabbath in their homes for almost 10 years. According to Simon Isang, a local church member from Ragizumang, the problem started in 2007, and continued till the current.

The church was reallocated to its current location in 2007, after facing similar problems. “The flood water runs right across the church loan, into the church and out the other way” said Mr. Isang. “It’s always like this, every time rained heavily,” he added.

Funds were also raised for a new church building by the church members after a week of revival meeting on the 18th of June 2017, with positive results of a hundred thousand plus Kina being raised. “Donations are still coming in,” said the church’s fundraising coordinator, Mr. Simon Isang. And we praised God for it,” he added