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Mission Beyond - Mission Salamaua

Posted on May 29 2017

By Adrian Ales
The outreach program “Mission Salamaua” which was held in Popdubi, Salamaua LLG, by the Morobe Mission ended today, 20th may 2017.
The outreach program was hosted in Popdubi, a village in the Salamaua LLG, by the Morobe Mission, in collaboration with the local church (Kabob). With over 785 plus attendees from seven different districts of Morobe Mission, under the initiative “Total Member Involvement (TMI) Mission Salamaua”.
During the outreach week, the local community also received donations from the visiting Adventists. Mr. Bami, a senior teacher at the Komiatum Primary School thanked the visiting Adventists for the donations made to the school, he also added that the initiative shown by the Adventists was the first and also one of its kind he has seen.
Six permanent pit toilets were also built for the primary school by the Adventists, also, an abandoned and run down elementary school classroom was totally transformed by the visiting outreach attendees. Assistant District Director for Lae District, Pastor James Kup, also that he was excited seeing the happiness in the community as they receive the donations. He went on and added that the events that took place gives them new knowledge for them to interact with other untouched remote areas of Morobe Mission.
Also, during the week, the Morobe Mission Adventist Health Services also made some donations to the locals on Wednesday 17th of May 2017. These donations were handed over by the Morobe Mission Health Director Mrs. Gabby Akui as part of the “Mission Salamaua” theme that was initiated by Morobe Mission. Included in the donations were birth kits. Ten birth kits and five crutches were handed over to the local councillor and a local village birth attendant.
The visiting Adventists also went around in the village praying for the sick and helping those who are in need. Cooking, sawing and herbal soap making lessons were also taught to the local women.
Branch Sabbath Schools were carried out all over the community on the Sabbath, with three students from Salamaua Provincial High School being baptized marking the end of the week long program.
The outreach program was attended by seven districts including students from Salamaua Provincial High School. Lae District – 203, Markham 2 District – 203, Markham 1 District – 191, WauWaria – 55, Salamaua Provincial High School – 50, Anga District – 36, Bulolo District – 29, Finchafen District – 6 and Local Mission Stuff – 15.