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TMI Dedicated and Launched

Posted on Apr 13 2017

Morobe TMI Dedication and Launching – Go Forward

 By: Enosh Enopa

On the Sabbath of April 8th 2017 Morobe Mission Dedicated and Launched its Total Member Involvement (TMI) initiative.

Sir Ignatius Kilage indoor stadium in Lae was packed with thousands of church members and Sabbath school members. Hundreds were stranded outside because there was hardly any space in the stadium.

Papua New Guinea Union Mission President, Pr. Kepsie Elodo as the guest speaker of the day preached a very powerful sermon on the topic ‘Go Forward’ sharing the experience of the Children of Israel and Moses from Exodus 13.

‘There must not be any reverse as we go forward’ says Pr. Kepsie. He further elaborated that if there are some bridges that we have crossed we need to break it down so that we don’t come back to cross the bridge and return back to where we have come but to go forward.

Our audience were ignited by the message and stood up for special prayer of dedication as organized by Morobe Mission.

Everyone was included in the special dedicatory prayer. First, the children and our youths stood up and Minister Nancy Enopa (Children Ministries Director MM) prayed for them, then the Church members at large including our professional stood up and Pr. Kua Nugai (Secretary MM)  prayed over these people followed by our Gospel workers in the field and support staff of our Organisation in which Pr. Henry Monape (Secretary PNGUM) made a special prayer for them.

Lastly our guest speaker had a special prayer over the book which is the road map of TMI and external hard drives with all resources for the District Directors and Departmental Directors.


Before the declaration of the Launching in the take home message, Pr. Blasius the President of Morobe Mission of the SDA Church gave the insight of the road map of TMI as written in the book and emphasized that Morobe Mission is on target with the rest of the Unions, Conferences and Divisions and should give praise to God.

TMI in DMM is Evangelism and Church Planting Going Forward beyond the boundaries Building Connecting, Sharing and Expanding the love of Christ is what has been witnessed on this Sabbath of 08th April 2017 and will never be forgotten.