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Giving for a good cause

Posted on Mar 20 2017

Morobe is a province that is known of its good acts of kindness towards the great Anutu.

The first missionaries to arrive in the province were received with great respect and kindness.
Regardless of their traditional beliefs andgods, they received these new strangers and their
God with a very good heart. 

John with his two sons are not adventists but they have the heart of their fore-fathers to
welcome the Seventh-day Adventist church into their land.

About 10 minutes drive up the Nabak road from Bumayong market is John’s small village called Yamenga.
Their nearest Adventist church is some miles up the Nabak road, but due to some land issues they were not
able to worship well in one area. That led the elders to look for land to erect a small shelther where they can
worship well away from all the talks about land. They prayed about it and went about looking for land to use
for worship, thats when they met up with John and his 2 sons, Som and James.

Som, the youngest was really gracious enough to give a portion of his land to the mission at a very reasonable
cost of K7000.00. The church was very much happy about the offer of the family and went ahead to take
the land, it was a very beutiful piece of land to build their new church. Part of the land payment was done
through installment payment and the remaining K2520.00 was paid as it was witnessed by the mission secretary,
Pastor Kua Nugai and the district director Minister Charles Paul.
Upon the signing of their agreement together with the church, Som was very happy to give the land over to
the church to use. His decision was finally scribbled on the paper as he was prayed over and presented with
the remaining land payment by Pastor Kua.