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Finchhafen organizes Wegune church

Posted on Nov 30 2016

Known of its early German contact and influences, Finchhafen was a Lutheran dominated area. However, eventually our Adventist faith entered the area about 30 years ago. It was a really challenging place for the Adventist church to settle and grow, “but through God’s grace we are able to get organized”, stated Pastor Kua Nugai on his visit to the organizing of Wegune church.

Wegune church was the first church in the Finchhafen area to be organized since the first Adventist contact, this now brings the total number of organized churches in Morobe from 68 to 69. This is a positive sign of growth which also indicates the sacrifices and hard work towards this great achievement and the mission head office is very proud of that.

The event attracted many neighboring churches as well as some prominent people also. The acting governor general and speaker of the parliament Hon. Theo Zurenuoc also came to witness the organizing of Wegune church. Morobe mission office was represented by the CFO Mr. Dick Harry Harevila and the mission secretary Pastor Kua Nugai.

Wegune church was also blessed with a K10,000 pledge from the Honorable Mr. Theo Zurenuoc to support its work in the area, in addition to that, 14 people also were baptized on that Sabbath.

It was a very exciting moment for all the other company churches, members and missionaries to witness the organizing of Wegune church and they are all happy to stand together to support the church and its work in Finchhafen.